Saturday, July 6, 2013

Phalaenopsis seedlings for sale

Phal Yaphon Sir x Phal Sogo Kaiulani - USD25/- each
(Please check out the ordering information page for details)

Phal Yaphon Sir

 photo 180240_10150979868239483_2064095217_n_zpsccfdcce4.jpg

Phal Sogo Kaiulani

 photo PC110935_zpsce6ebb3b.jpg

Phalaenopsis seedlings for sale

Phal Jessie Ang x Phal Coral Isle - USD20/- per plant.

Phal Jessie Ang

 photo 477718_10150877541624483_207487902_o_zps9cd6a38d.jpg

Phal Coral Isle

 photo 396536_10150491067054483_492817320_n_zps6ed8e649.jpg

Seedlings (Please check out the ordering information page for details).

 photo photo1_zps6ad3fd30.jpg

Friday, July 5, 2013

New blooms

Have not update my blog for a long time.  Here are some blooms over the months.
Many more updated pictures over at my facebook profile.  Send me a friend request to view....

Phal Hew Choy Sin x Phal amboinensis flava

 photo image_zpsb6ed50a9.jpg

Phal Brother Ambo Passion "Hsia"

 photo image_zps84c81264.jpg

Phal PK var "Chin Yo" x Phal bellina

 photo image_zps907f3cb6.jpg

Phal LD's Bear Queen x Phal gigantea

 photo image_zpsc5070957.jpg

Ordering Information

Ordering procedures:

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Customers are advice to order during the warmer months or place advance order and request for parcel to be sent during the warmer months. 

Step 2 - Import permits from Agriculture department
Many countries require import permit to import life plants. Please seek information from your agriculture department to ensure a safe import. Import permits are not required for locals and some countries.

Step 3 - Verify your order invoice and reply us

We will send you an invoice displaying all order particulars and the amount you are required to pay. Please verify that all order particulars and the total amount are correct and reply us with your confirmation message. 

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Minimum Order:
We accept a minimum of 100 USD. 

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Once payment is received, we will schedule your order for packaging and certificate application. Your order usually take about 1-2 weeks before being ready for dispatch, it may take up to 3 weeks depending on our schedule. 

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We ship to all countries worldwide.

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International Payment (Paypal)

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We export all plant products with CITIES-phytosanitary certificates issued by our country's agriculture department. The certificates will be sent together within the parcel. We do not export any plants listed in CITIES APPENDIX 1.

CITIES-Phytosanitary Certificate Specimen

CITES Home Page:
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Delivery Methods:

Air Freight Delivery - Express Mail Service (EMS)
By default, all orders that include life plants will be delivered by express post. The postage will be calculated base on weight and can vary from country to country. The parcel will be delivered to your specified address.

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Freight & Packaging Charges for Registered Mail Service
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CITIES-Phytosanitary and Fumigation Certificates

10 items of less is 15 USD
11 items to 20 items is 30 USD
21 items to 30 items is 45 USD
31 items or more is 60 USD 

Fumingation Certificate=15 USD (Optional)

CITIES Export/Re-export Certification (Optional)

This certificate is required for CITIES Appendix 1 species only. Optional for CITIES Appendix 2 species. Charges is 10 USD per species, minimum 5 species.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Punggol riverside park and Lorong Halus Wetland

Took a detour to Punggol Riverside Park and Lorong Halus Wetland on Friday. I must say that i'm very impressed with the layout and how the park was built. This park is worth visiting especially after the plants have mature and more birds and animals have settled in.

Some pictures that i took except the bridge which i think has been shown or photograph many many times.








Serangoon Tidal Gate


Christensonia vietnamica

Bought this during my first JB Orchids Show.... It has been flowering on and off...

Plants are found growing in deciduous lowland forest of Vietnam at elevations of 0 to 700 meters.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do they look the same?

Phal Yaphon Sir = Phal (Gelbliber x Macassar )


Phal Yaphon Image = Phal ([Gelbliber x (Yaphon Gelblitz-bellina)] X Yaphon Sir)

Phal ([Gelbliber x (Yaphon Gelblitz-bellina)] X (Gelbliber x Macassar))
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